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Sorry about the check confusion; Donna told me to remind her this AM re the check book. Fortunately, for me, Donna has backups.
Thank you again for a great job & service. I can now check off finding a plumber, here in CA.
Have a great one and we'll certainly recommend you.


Bill M





Leak in the laundry waste plumbing. We have removed the damaged drywall. Installed a me laundry box with all new plumbing. After testing, we then Patch drywall, textured, painted and installed new baseboard in laundry room.



We have removed the old clay sewer line from the house to the city side walk and installed a new 4" abs sewer line with a clean out at the front of the house. We also replaced The main water line from the water meter to the front of the house with type l copper sleeved and tested. All of the above was permitted and inspected by the city.




After completing leak and line location we determined that the main cold water feed to the water heater was leaking. We rerouted a new 3/4 cold type "L" copper line around the house through the addict and down the wall to feed the water heater. All pipes have been properly insulated, strapped and tested. 





After completing leak and like location we have determined that there was a leak in the 1/2 cold water line that went from the hall bathroom to the kitchen sink. We have rerouted new hot and cold water lines from the hot water heater through the attic and fed the hall bathroom and the kitchen sink.






 We have removed the old two handle valve and installed a new Moen posi temp shower valve with new chrome trim and repair plate.


                                                            Comments from Customer on TrustLink

Thank you for saving me once again. You're the best.!.:

Susan S



Instillation of new moen posi-temp shower valve with raised shower head stub out. New 2" ABS shower drain set to center. We then but in all the backing and thresh hold. We then hot mopped the shower pan it is now ready to be tiled. 




Toilet was running and they could not shut the water off do to broken shut off valve. We have turned the water off to the building and replaced the angle stop, supply line, flapper, and fill valve. We turned the water back on adjusted the fill valve and tested.



We are about to remodel this bathroom. First we cover the floor an plastic off everything leading to the bathroom.
We will then demo the vanity shower drywall and flooring



Installation of R.O. System with a long beach spout at the master bathroom at the lavatory sink as
requested by the customer so that he could have filtered drinking water at his bathroom sink.



The hot water valve had broke on this roman tub valve. Customer wanted to keep existing trim to match
rest of bathroom. So we were able to find similar valves that would work with this trim and connect to the existing spout.
New access panel behind tub in closet and shut off valves installed as well...



Installation of new potassium salt water softener with by pass valves for the whole house water system.



New Lawn Sprinkler Installation of Valves and Controller



  Sewer Line Repair

  • After line inspection Kastle Plumbing found roots under the patio between the house and the sidewalk.  After saw cutting, then jack hammering we excavated the roots, removed the dirt, separated the pipe and installed new ABS piping with a concrete root barrier.
    We tested, backfilled and repaired the concrete.

  • Job done and customer satisfied!


Installation of bath tub and enclosure.

We have installed two new tubs with new pea trap, waste, & overflow. Access panels for plumbing and New Moen Posi temp shower valves with raised shower  head. After tub is set and leveled we installed primered drywall for backing. At  which we cut and install the enclosure.  Once all walls are in place, we then  install support boards to bond enclosure to wall. We then come back the  following day and install soap dishes and set trim for shower.