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Hot Water Heaters

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We have removed the old hot water heater and installed a new 50 gallon AOSmith hot water heater with a new shut off valve, water supply lines, new gas flex, earthquake straps, and drain pan. We also installed a new water shut off valve and watts pressure regulator at the front of the house.




This customers water heater failed which caused water damage to the drywall around heater. We have removed his water heater. Removed all the wet drywall, dried it down, repaired drywall, and put down new plywood on the platform. We then installed a new 50 gallon A.O. Smith water heater heater with a smitty pan, earthquake straps, shut off valve, water supplies, and a new gas caulk with flex.



Tankless water heater had shut down at which time the customer called Kastle plumbing out to the job. After diagnosing the problem we disassembled the burner assembly and cleaned out the lint from the entire unit and reassembled it. We also installed an isolation valve kit on this unit do that we could run a descaler solution through the heat exchanger to clean it out. Once that process is complete we then flush out the unit and turned it on to the house water system. The unit it now working properly.



We have removed her 50 gallon hot water heater. We have installed a new 75 gallon Bradford white water heater on new plywood with a smitty pan, water supply lines, gas flex, and venting. This will provide the customer with more hot water for her four bedroom house.



This customer had recently purchased a house that had been sitting in the 
market for a while and nobody was using water at the house. When they moved in 
they ran the hot water and filled the tub with dark brown water. They tried 
flushing the water for a long time but could not get clean water. We then were 
called to diagnose the problem. We found that the water sitting in the water 
heater had rusted the tank do bad that even after a good flush it was still 
dirty water at which point we installed a brand new 75 gallon water heater and 
also took care of some minor plumbing problems she had as well...