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Converting range from electric to natural gas. Installation of a new 3/4" galvanized pipe gas line from the meter to the range with shut off valves in place. Through the garage rafters and and surface mounted on the stucco to minimize damage to house.




Gas company had came out and shut his gas off due to a leak in underground gas pipe to the fire pit. We came out to complete leak detection and when we exposed the pipe we found that it had completely deteriorated because the material used was not correctly installed. We then installed a brand new gas line to the fire pit and BBQ island with poly pipe and galvanized transition risers double wrapped in 10 mil tape. After testing the line we then completed the the fire pit ring and hooked up BBQ.










The gas company came out and shut the gas off to this customers house due to a leak in the main gas line underground. We came out and hooked up a temporary line the same day so our customer would have gas. We then pulled a permit. Came out the next day and installed a new 1 1/4" gas main from the meter, underground, and into the garage where we surface mounted the pipe on the garage wall and tied into the existing pipe in the ceiling. All underground pipe is polyerathene and the above ground is galvanized pipe. After inspection, we then hooked up the new line to the meter, painted to match and patched concrete.